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Sadly, every day this year, 48 women will be diagnosed with with this awful disease. I know you’ll agree this needs to stop!

With your support, our determined researchers are focused on every area of breast cancer research;

Breast cancer prevention,

Improving treatments,

And ultimately finding a cure for our loved ones and all Australians.

People like Nicky Welch.

She’s a teacher, single mother of three and loving grandmother living in Port Pirie, South Australia.

In early July 2017 and at 44-years-old she got her first mammogram. Something in her told her to get it done. She had no external signs. Only a feeling.

“In late July I got the call and after two biopsies they confirmed I had two tumours which were both cancerous.”

Sadly, Nicky received the heartbreaking news of being diagnosed with breast cancer that was HER 2 Positive.

Did you know? This type of cancer is hormone receptive positive which makes up around 80 per cent of all breast cancers.

“I remember the doctor was shaking telling me and I held it in together in the office, but I cried for the next 24 hours. My 11-year-old son Noah has autism and an anxiety disorder. He didn’t take it well and thought I was going to die instantly. I just tried to keep going and didn’t let him or my nine-year-old daughter Sophie see when I wasn’t feeling well. They often asked me ‘are you going to die mum?’, but I know I’ve been really lucky that I caught this early on and received treatment.”

But thanks to vital medical research, Nicky is alive today.

Here’s a highlight of the revolutionary research projects you’re supporting this year that will help save the lives of more people like Nicky…


Yes! There’s world-first research underway using your own immune system to fight breast cancer.

We are developing a non-invasive injectable gel filled with the patient’s own filled with the developing a non-invasive injectable gel We are cancer fighting T cells to be targeted directly to the cancerous tumour site.

The video above shows a body's cancer fighting 'T cells' attacking and eliminating breast cancer cells.

Leading this revolutionary research is Professor Andreas Evdokiou, also with Dr Irene Zinonos, PhD student Namnfon (Bee) Pantarat and Masters student Panos Panagopoulos

“This is the first time that such an approach has been developed and if successful, it will maximise the success of current surgical interventions and could potentially be an alternative method from chemotherapy and radiotherapy,” Prof Evdokiou said.

The T cells will be infused into the gel, keeping them together locked in and the gel will be injected into the tumour to identify and eliminate cancer cells leaving normal cells unharmed.

I’m sure you’ll agree we must progress this research further, faster!


Yes! We’re understanding more about the risk factors of breast cancer to prevent this heartbreaking disease.

We’re investigating a protein that plays an important role in driving breast density, a known risk of breast cancer. This knowledge will ultimately help us develop new lifesaving treatments to prevent breast cancer.

“We’ve discovered a link between an inflammatory immune protein (CCL2) and breast density, which may increase a person’s breast cancer risk.” – PhD student Madison Archer, Breast Biology and Cancer Unit at the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research.

Your support of ABCR will help our researchers better understand the effect this protein has on the breast and cancer tumour so we can ultimately prevent the risk of breast cancer for your loved ones.

“Research is so important, especially for my children and grandchildren. I can see the huge changes from when I’ve known relatives that passed from breast cancer. Everything from the upgraded state-of-the-art equipment, to new trials and new medications.”

Sadly, other women aren’t so lucky. But you can help!

Your support of ABCR enables our passionate researchers to continue preventing and finding treatments for this devastating disease and save more lives like Nicky’s.

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Family is everything to Nicky.

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