Despite incredible advances in treatment and improving survival rates, breast cancer still remains one of the most common cancers among Australian women.

With 1 in 8 women developing breast cancer in their lifetime, the need for support from people like you has never been more important.

For 16 year old Brooke Webber, watching her much-loved Aunty Deb battle breast cancer at just 38 years of age was just heartbreaking.

“I remember thinking how horrible it was to watch her go through it and I just wanted to help out.”

Deciding to raise money for breast cancer research, Brooke bravely chose to shave her hair in honour of her Aunty Deb.

You can honour the women in your life touched by breast cancer by making a donation today.

It is only with continued support from people like you and Brooke and her family, that the lifesaving work of researchers like Associate Professor Wendy Ingman and PhD student Joseph (Joe) Wrin can continue.

They are working tirelessly to investigate new treatments methods for breast cancer, in particular for one of the most aggressive and difficult to treat types, triple negative.

“We’ve developed the idea that the immune system has different roles during times of a woman’ menstrual cycle and there may be a window of breast cancer risk that opens up at a particular stage of the cycle.”

This has led to an exciting discovery that a protein made by macrophages, called C1q, guides the immune system towards tolerance of breast cancer cells.

“Our approach is to now develop an antibody that prevents the action of C1q. If we can inhibit C1q at the same time as the patient is having radiotherapy or chemotherapy we can actually push the immune system response in the body to eliminate the cancer altogether.

“We think that can lead to a better outcome initially but also reduce the chance of it returning, as you’ve got the immune system on your side.”

This research is set to save and improve the lives of so many women and their families impacted by breast cancer.

Please show your support with a donation today!

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Show your support this Breast Cancer Awareness month and help prevent breast cancer affecting your loved ones.​​​​​​​

By 2020 it is estimated that 47 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer EVERY DAY! You can help change this. 

Your donation today helps Associate Professor Wendy Ingman and PhD student Joseph Wrin continue to investigate new breast cancer treatments.